SYFS Structure

Southern Youth and Family Services has been built up for over thirty five years to provide an extensive range of services. The Organisation has an experienced and diligent Board of Management and a committed and skilled Staff across a range of disciplines.

The Organisation has a community based Board of Management. The Organisation is then structured into various sections and teams. These include :-

  • The Senior Management Team including the CEO
  • The Administration Team which includes the Office Manager/Accountant
  • The Supported Accommodation and Community Housing Section which includes the Crisis Teams in the Illawarra and Southern Tablelands and the Medium Term Accommodation Teams
  • The Outreach Section which includes the Tenancy Team, the Financial Assistance and Brokerage Team and the TILA Team
  • The Youth Health Section
  • The Family Services Section which includes the Youth and Family Mental Health Team and the family and Young Peoples Early Intervention Team
  • The Education, Training, Pre-Employment and Employment Section
  • The Out of Home Care Section which includes the Residential and Outreach Teams