Student Placement Information

Each year Southern Youth and Family Services take a limited number of overseas and local students who are wishing to undertake educational placements with the Organisation.

If you are interested in applying to do a placement with Southern Youth and Family Services as part of your educational program, please advise your Student Placement Coordinator to contact us using the details below.

The Chief Executive Officer
Southern Youth and Family Services
PO Box 23
Wollongong NSW 2520

or send it by email (link sends e-mail)

What previous student Ryan had to say about his time with SYFS

Hi my name is Ryan and between June, July and August 2010, I completed a placement with Southern Youth and Family Services; and in particular in the Network program. I got the opportunity to do this placement through links with my University course in Ireland; I am currently completing the Community Youth Work course through the University of Ulster at the Jordanstown campus. I hope to complete my degree in 2012.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the organisation and everyone I came into contact with whilst completing my placement were some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This placement has given me the chance to work with young people from some very disadvantaged backgrounds and challenged me to think differently on how to engage these young people; I got the chance to experience many new challenges throughout this process.

Throughout my placement I had the opportunity to develop skills in case management, developing programs and implementing the programs with direct access to existing community partners and registered training providers, such as the TAFE college, to put the week by week plan together. It has opened my eyes to a new side of youth work that I may not have had the opportunity to experience in Ireland; I will go home with new and improved skills in the area of youth work that I hope will help with my practice at home.

SYFS also provided me with the chance to see some of the beautiful sights that Australia has to offer by taking me on days trips, I was very appreciative of this and they are experiences and sights that will stay with me.

What student Olivia said

I first came to Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS) in 2006 on my international placement for my Degree in Community Youth Work in which I was studying at the University of Ulster Jordanstown, Northern Ireland.

The University had created links with Southern Youth and Family Services a few years before my placement and have continued this strong link with a number of students visiting the organisation each year, broadening their understanding and practise when working with young people in disadvantaged situations.

During my 3 months at SYFS I experienced working in both the residential and outreach services which helped me gain an understanding of the wide spectrum of services that Southern Youth and Family Services provided at that time. I gained a lot of vital experience in one-on-one case management and learnt a different side to youth work than I was accustomed too back home, making me think out side of the box and challenge myself to do something different.  

Now 3 years later I have completed my degree and have returned to Southern Youth and Family Services to take up a full time position at Link Inn one of the medium term residential services. I have learnt so much since returning to Southern Youth and Family Services, and with the organisation growing and expanding constantly there is a so much more to learn and more areas to explore to help improve my practise and knowledge of working with disadvantaged young people.