Indigenous Network Program

The Program assists young people in Years 7 and 8 who are disengaging from schools in the Shellharbour Region and provides cultural programs and specialist individual work to assist transition to High School, remain in school and increase educational attainment.

The objective of the program is to support young Aboriginal year 7 students transitioning from primary school to high school and year 8 students to stay engaged in high school education. This will be done through a range of cultural programs, age specific activities and  workshops to assist the development of social and living skills. The Programs and content are designed to assist both the transition and to maintain engagement in High School. The Program encourages
participation and provides support to Young People and  their families.

Cultural Programs Include:

Didge Program - Learn the culture of our ancestors, Sacred sounds of animals and birds, Paint your Didge from your dreaming, Learn Circular breathing, yarn up and meet other young koori men and Have fun!

Dance Like our Ancestors - Discuss Aboriginal dance, teachings of sacred dances from the YUIN NATION, learn different moves, have fun!

Aboriginal Art Program - learn how to create your very own  painting or learn how to tell a story through art or just paint your dreaming

Aboriginal Craft - create a range of your own crafts including Beading, Animal Sculptures and Scrapbooking. Learnt from skills passed on by local Elders.

Other Programs and workshops include -
•    Mentoring and support from Aboriginal Elders
•    Living Skills - Nutrition, Safe Food Preparation, Self-care, Health and fitness
•    Social Skills - Communication strategies, conflict management, appropriate safe use of mobiles and social media
•    Individual Case Management and Support to families
•    Access to other SYFS Services
•    Lunch Provided

Hours and referral information:

Hours: for referral purposes - Mon to Fri, 9.00am to 4.30pm


Contact: (02) 4221 7723


Indigenous Network Program

25 Lake Entrance Road
Warilla, New South Wales 2529

 Funding Information:

This Service is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services under the Families and Communities Program B