Resourceful Adolescent Parent Program

SYFS Family Services will be running a Resourceful Adolescent Parent Program starting starting on Tuesday the 18th of February. The Program is aimed at improving family harmony by supporting parents of adolescents aged 12-18.

The group runs over three weeks and is a mix of information from a facilitator and discussion aimed at encouraging parents to speak openly to provide ideas to each other. Major areas covered include managing the stress of parenting, the relationship between adolescent and parent, adolescent development, and managing conflict positively.

The group will be held at our Oak Flats office on Pioneer Drive (opposite Oak Flats Train Station) from 10.00am to 12.30pm. The Program is free and all are welcome.

Depending on demand we may be able to assist with transport to and from the office for some parents.

A flyer is attached (see link below) with more information about the group as well as contact information for bookings. Feel free to contact Charo on 0412 999 965 for more information.  

Resourceful Adolescent Parent Program